Articulating Innovation

Advantes Group
is its People

Imagining, innovating and creating. Our people are among the best in the industry, all sharing a common drive to succeed, a passion for their work and a commitment to getting the job done.

For more than a decade, we have built a reputation for creating innovative, extraordinary spaces and moving the industry forward. We come from a wide range of experience and expertise, bringing dynamic insight and know-how across backgrounds to every project.

In every project, each sub-group and member play a specific and important role while working closely with one another as a cohesive team. Our individual strength drives us to pursue collective excellence. We do this to fulfil the following trinity—meet the client’s requirement, quality workmanship and on-time delivery.

  • IT integration

    Helping you integrate technological innovations such as telepresence and server rooms in your workplace to facilitate better workflow, enhance connectivity and improve well-being.

  • Space planning & design

    Ensuring your business space embodies your brand, reflect your culture and drive performance in your organisation.

  • Project management

    Our project management team will help to oversee your project from A to Z.

  • QS & cost management

    Forecast, plan and control the budget of your projects, providing added value and risk mitigation without compromising quality and delivery.

  • Colour consulting & lighting

    Providing design, sourcing, producing and simulation of high-quality and reliable lighting solutions corresponding to the function of the space to suit different ambience, moods, lux levels and operating hours.

  • Carpentry services

    Creating innovative interior design features in carpentry is something we’re good at and love doing.

  • Metal & glazing services

    From acoustic or patterned glass systems to custom fabricated metal structures, we can provide you with bespoke and durable metal and glazing products.

  • Builders work

    A team of contractors devoted to quality workmanship and timely delivery.

  • M&E experts

    Offering expert advice and solutions on electrical services, ACMV installations, firefighting systems and CWSP services.

  • Furniture selection

    We select furniture based on the end-users and activities, focusing on its purpose, flexibility, finish requirement, durability and budget.