Project Description

Renaissance KL,
West Wing

Client Name

Wilkinson International Pte. Ltd
Marriott International Design (MI)

Renaissance Hotels is one of the world’s leading international hoteliers operating 160 hotels worldwide. Advantes worked alongside Marriott International Design (MI) to ensure that the design outcome meets the MI Brand Standards.

Advantes Design was engaged to provide detailed interior design proposals and mechanical and electrical systems (M&E) engineering proposals that included 3D perspectives, 2D drawings, material specifications, shop drawing, method statements and a Bill of Quantities. The challenge component for this project was to come up with a design proposal that fits the budget, given that most of the cost of the work fluctuates based on the US currency at the time.

After the initial research and analysis conducted with the client, the budget was achieved through Advantes’ experience and approach of such processes. In addition, three separate mock-ups for rooms were constructed and was very well received by both Wilkinson International Pte. Ltd and MI.

Advantes has worked with a range of hoteliers, looking to further shape their corporate design and business vision. We engaged positively with MI’s design team from concept to procurement in order to understand how they function and anticipate the innovations required to provide value engineering and design work to aid this project.

As a leading Interior Design and Fitout company in the country, Advantes prides itself in its Mechanical and Engineering (M&E) division. With a full-fledged M&E division, Advantes is able to provide value engineering to our clients. We are able to assist in proposing relevant upgrades to the M&E system that in turn yields long-term savings and minimal maintenance – making our solutions cost-effective.

Early in the design process, it was decided that Advantes Construct carried out fitout work in three crucial phases. These phases were strategically planned to work seamlessly with hotel operations, as Renaissance was already open to public. Advantes utilised modern methods of construction to reduce construction time and to maximize client’s capital investment. All of this was made possible through years of experience in delivering high quality technical design. The team at Advantes has a keen eye and ear for what is achievable, deliverable, appropriate and desirable within this vital and demanding sector of hospitality.