Project Description

(3 Franchises)

Client Name

Milkcow, Malaysia (Blu Bites Sdn Bhd)

Milkcow is a successful brand of organic soft serve ice-cream from Korea which has a presence across several countries in Asia. Advantes was engaged by the Malaysian master franchiser to design and build three outlets. All outlets must comply with the franchise requirements while improving on the design aspects to achieve and more contemporary and sophisticated outcome.

As a leading ice-cream brand in Asia, Milkcow had high expectations for their outlets in Malaysia. Apart from design and construct, another key objective was to construct all three outlets in shopping malls – this undertaking requires M&E expertise to integrate the outlet’s M&E with the main building’s services system. It was a challenge that required an in-depth technical knowledge to ensure a cost-efficient M&E outcome. With our own M&E division, Advantes was able to successfully propose a value engineering solution to Milkcow in this regard.

At Advantes we seek to go beyond the initial brief to deliver fresh and vibrant creative solutions that are visually pleasing and commercially strong. After several proposals and modifications, Milkcow’s headquarters in Korea agreed to adopt Advantes’ design ideas. Through an understanding of evolving trends in the retail sector, Advantes successfully merged the simplicity of the existing shopping malls’ scheme, with a contemporary design that is compliant to the master franchise’s requirements.

Based on a clear understanding of the client’s needs, the construction of the outlets materialised seamlessly despite a tight timeline and a fully operating mall during the day. Our goal was to be innovative yet practical particularly when working with existing structures. Having worked collaboratively with many recognised global and regional brands, Advantes has harnessed the ability to define each design aesthetic to blend our experiences with a global outlook.

By the end of the project, the new design elevated Milkcow’s brand to a different standard. As such, Advantes’ proposed design became the franchise design moving forward for other Milkcow franchises worldwide.